Vrbo - Onboarding - Step 3 - Minimum content requirements 

Step 3: Minimum content requirements 

In order to establish the connection, your properties must meet the following minimum requirements. These requirements may differ from the restrictions in your PMS: 

- Maximum number of persons 

- Headline (min 20 – max 80 characters) in English* 

- Description in English (at least 400 characters) 

- At least 6 photos (more is better), recommended resolution 1024x768 pixels, max 4.5 MB file size 

- Number of bathrooms 

- Number of bedrooms 

- The number of people that can sleep in the property 

- Property type 

- An accurate address and latitude/longitude is required for each property 

- Updated calendar and rates information 

* = If you are unable to provide a headline, we can automatically generate one for each property based on certain characteristics of your property. This is not the preferred way as a custom written headline will attract more visitors once published and separates it from other properties. 

Although English is the most important language for the majority of the different Vrbo channels, we advise to write titles and descriptions in German and French if possible. 

For a more detailed explanation and guidelines on improving your content scores please review the Vrbo Integrated Listing Quality . Please be aware that additional costs that are charged per weekend or midweek are not supported in Vrbo.