Vrbo - Commercial Models

Commercial offerings by Vrbo to property managers.

Over the course of the last year, Vrbo has been testing a new commercial model with our mutual customers - integrated property managers (IPM). 

Vrbo are now making changes so we can offer this model (Professional plan) to more integrated partners, please find below a quick overview. 

Existing Model: 5% commission (+VAT as needed) + Traveler Service Fee;  

Professional Plan: between 12% and 15% commission (+VAT as needed) 

Their  new Professional plan allows partners to get better control over the end-to-end traveler pricing experience by removing the Vrbo traveler service fee.  

Partners who have expressed interest or adopted this new plan have told VRBO they like it for: 

·         the more streamlined traveler experience of checkout and payment granted by the removal of the Vrbo traveler service fee payment step 

·         the performance increase expected due to both the improvement in traveler experience and a greater capacity for pricing and revenue management 

·         its operational simplicity