Expedia - Onboarding - Step 2 - Pick your channel manager

If you already have an account with Expedia start here

1. Authorize NextPax as your channel manager 

When you are logged on to www.expediapartnercentral.com, you can select the unit and choose the ‘Rooms and Rates’ tab on your left hand side. Select ‘Expedia Connectivity Settings’ underneath the ‘Setup’ header.

2. Align rate plan 

When you already have a LOS (length of stay) rate plan set, NextPax will instantly receive an email with the Expedia mapping documentation. 

When you currently have a Per Day Pricing strategy, this has to be changed to LOS (length of stay) format. If you don’t have a LOS rate plan set yet, a new rate plan has to be generated. 

  1. Property Owner or NextPax contacts the Expedia Market Manager (Account manager) to notify they will apply LOS – pricing logic 
  2. Expedia Market Manager will arrange for property to be setup as LOS pricing logic
  3. Expedia Onboarding agent will reach out to Property Owner or NextPax to verify rates and availability 

    As soon as the connection has been established by NextPax and the onboarding call has been completed your property is set up for automated booking, rate and availability synchronization. 

    Once rates, availability and bookings are synchronizing, NextPax will work with you and Expedia to implement the full content API in order to synchronize your photos, amenities and similar content.