- Request to Book

Accommodation partners can now, via NextPax channel manager, list on with a request to book as a booking setting. NextPax provides seamless connectivity into this new strategic initiative of

In this article, we’ll talk about what a request to book is, why new accommodation partners should consider, and how it works.

What is Request to Book?

With 's new Request to Book feature, you can now decide whether or not you want to accept a new booking, giving you flexibility and control over your listings. Guests are required to send a booking request which you have 24 hours to review before you accept or decline. If you accept, the guest has a further 24 hours to confirm the reservation. Request to book as a booking setting is available for new clients to globally.

How does this work within NextPax?

When a request is made via the accommodation partner will receive an email with a link that directs the partner to the request within the NextPax Reservations Overview, in which they can accept or reject the request.

Once accepted, the guest still has 24 hours to re-confirm it and make the final booking. In this stage of the process the status is request-accepted. Once the traveler has reconfirmed it will showcase as request-booked.  Once it is request-booked it will be booked in as a normal reservation and sent over to the accommodation partner.

In case you wish to decline the booking request, you can press the red deny button and provide the reason for denying the request. You can select one of the decline reasons that are also aligned and the same as is using in the Extranet and then specify further why you are denying this reservation request.

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Once processed the request will have a request-rejected status.