Agoda - Consumer Payments

Agoda currently provide three options for properties to consume consumer payments. Each of the options have different consequences and it's up to the property/property manager to decide on their preference.

AgodaCollect With this option the Agoda becomes the merchant of record (MOR). This means they will take the payments from the guest at the time of booking. Agoda then provides the funds, minus commission, to the property manager either via:

  • PayPal (to be setup at property level).
  • BankTransfer (to be setup at property level).
  • An Agoda Virtual Credit Card (UPC), for the property manager to charge. NextPax is able as a PCI certified channel manager to forward the Agoda Virtual Credit Card to:
  1. PCI Certified Property Manager's
  2. Work with the property manager's Payment Service Provider (PSP).

PropertyCollect & AgodaCollect (Hybrid) For hotels only, Agoda opened Property Collect for selected countries and the payment will be UPC on ePass (via virtual credit cards). The hotel will have bookings from both Agoda Collect and Property Collect, and the property have to reconcile those bookings and Agoda will issue a UPC card on the fly for each booking. The UPC virtual credit card is supplied over the API to NextPax. Agoda will not pass the guest credit card to hotels, except for a specific case for cancelled bookings where Agoda cannot charge for cancellation fee. The Agoda virtual credit will be shared with NextPax and can be shared here from with:

  1. PCI Certified Hotels, CRS and PMS Systems
  2. Work with the hotel's Payment Service Provider (PSP)

Currently this model  is not available for vacation rentals, only for hotels.

PropertyCollect - A solution whereby the hotelier can take full payments and receives the traveller's credit card via Agoda is currently not available.

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